At Fenzo, our focus is on Italian leather bags because Italian leather emphasizes quality. Much more care and attention goes into making Italian leather pieces than any other leather product in the world, and only the very highest quality hides are selected. It isn’t mass produced and the process takes much longer than it would to produce cheaper alternatives.

Today, bags are a vital part of every contemporary professional’s attire. Everyone is trying to find something unique and specific to their needs, and that is why we strive to provide a wide variety of bags for every occasion. From satchels to totes, clutches to hobos, travel & luggage to work & office, we have a wide selection of bags to suit your needs, desires and wish lists.


We take pride in the products we carry. We’ve selected products from Floto that draw inspiration from time-honored materials, which in turn creates unique collections at an excellent value. QUALITY, FASHION & GOOD TASTE – That’s our philosophy. When it comes to luxurious bags, we think about quality first and then the price. That’s why we carry Floto products. Floto bags, luggage and other accessories are made in Italy from fine Italian calf-skin leather. Floto leather bags are always appreciated for their classic look and appeal. They are fabulous, and they are known for their durable nature and high quality. They are manufactured by Italian artisans and each bag is carefully handcrafted.