Monteverde Leather Duffel


Monteverde Leather Duffel comes in 4 colors – Vecchio Brown, Olive (Honey) Brown, Tuscan Red and Black.
Made in Italy.


14″ high x 11″ wide x 22″ long
Italian Polished Calf-Skin Leather
Detachable Shoulder Strap
Brass or Stainless Steel Hardware
100% Cotton/Denim Lining
Inside Zip Pocket
Outside Cargo Pocket
Floor-to-floor Zipper For Easy Packing
Weight 5 pounds

How many clothes can you pack?

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The Monteverde Leather Duffel is the perfect leather duffel bag for those weekend getaways for which a full set of standard luggage is not necessary. It’s a conveniently quick and easy way to get packed and on your way fast. Not to mention look stylish while traveling. This bag is perfect for those travelers who travel frequently, and who don’t want the hassle of checking in luggage. The Monteverde Leather Duffel can easily go on-board with you and reliably holds your clothes and necessities. It’s functional, rugged and durable as well. It’s a leather duffel bag for those excursions both near and far.

The Monteverde Leather Duffel is a modern twist on the classic Floto style. It combines polished Italian calf-skin leather with smart features such as a detachable shoulder strap and a floor-to-floor zipper for easy packing to create a classic leather duffel bag. It also boasts brass/stainless steel hardware, an outside cargo pocket and an inside zip pocket for holding a passport and travel supplies. It comes in your choice of four colors – Vecchio Brown, Olive (Honey) Brown, Tuscan Red and Black.