Venezia Italian Leather Duffle Bag 2.0

Original price was: $399.99.Current price is: $339.99.

Available in 4 color options – Vecchio Brown, Black, Olive (Honey) Brown, and Tuscan Red.
Made in Italy.


11″ high x 10″ wide x 21″ long
Full-Grain Hand-Stained Leather
Padded Comfort Strap (2″ Wide)
Inside Leather Pouch Organizer with 4 Pockets
Brass or Stainless Steel Zipper and Hardware
Durable Canvas Lining
Key Holder
Floor-to-floor Zipper for Easy Packing
Weight 4 Pounds

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You get a lot for your money with the new Venezia Italian Leather Duffle Bag 2.0. Just as timeless and sporty as the original Venezia Italian Leather Duffel Bag, the 2.0 is completely rebuilt from the ground up with thicker, more supple hand-stained leather and extra features including a larger strap plus five new storage features.

It features an extra-long (floor-to-floor) zipper that allows the bag to open widely (for easy packing of your clothes without bunching them up and so there’s no rummaging through the bag’s contents to find something on the bottom), brass or stainless steel hardware and 8-oz cotton duck canvas lining made in South Carolina that is very durable.

Plus it fits nicely into an airline’s overhead compartment. The combination of Italian vegetable-tanned leather, Italian craftsmanship, and U.S.-made canvas lining makes this leather duffle bag one of our all-time best sellers. Available in your choice of 4 color options – Vecchio Brown, Black, Olive (Honey) Brown, and Tuscan Red.



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