Parma Italian Leather Duffel Bag


Made in Italy.


11″ high x 10″ wide x 21″ long
Floto Italian Parma Leather
Thick Khaki Stitching
Extra Handle Padding
Inside Zip Pocket
Floto Stripe Canvas Interior
Stainless Steel Hardware

Detachable Shoulder Strap – 42″
Swiss Made RiRi Stainless Zippers
Weight 4.5 pounds 

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The Parma Italian Leather Duffel Bag is the perfect duffel bag for those trips where a full set of standard luggage is not needed. Bags made for men can be every bit as stylish and beautiful as those made for women, and the Parma Italian Leather Duffel Bag is no exception. It is so versatile that a female wouldn’t think twice about carrying one. It could literally be carried by anyone and they would look chic. For those hell-bent on traditional masculinity, this leather bag is probably best left for use as an overnight bag or carry-on, but it works equally well as a bag to carry to the office. This leather duffel bag can withstand several rainstorms, blizzards and international flights, all the while breaking in quite nicely.

Floto Parma Edition Leather Duffel Bag is made from premium Italian calf-skin that has been tumbled with a special cognac vegetable dye, resulting in a soft, natural leather that gets better as it ages. Each bag takes on a unique look, and darkens like a saddle over time.