Venezia Mini Italian Leather Handbag


The Venezia Mini comes in 4 colors – Blue, Vecchio Brown, Tuscan Red, and Orange.
Made in Italy.


7.5″ high x 6″ wide x 15″ long
Italian Polished Calf-Skin Leather
Detachable Shoulder Strap
Brass and Stainless Steel Hardware
100% Cotton/Denim Lining
Inside Zip Pocket
Floor-to-floor zipper

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The Venezia Mini Italian Leather Handbag is what you end up with when you shrink the Venezia Duffel. It’s a personal duffel that is the perfect carry-on or accoutrement for an afternoon stroll in Soho.

Soft and smooth leather finish will mesmerize you.

It’s designed to keep you organized and to hold just about everything you need to make the most of every day: from camera equipment, to cellphones & PDAs, to an extra tie & shirt or outfit for that overnight business trip – the Venezia Mini can find a use for any lifestyle.


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