Positano Grande Leather Explorer Bag


Positano Grande Leather Explorer Bag comes in Vecchio Brown only. Made in Italy.


15″ high x 11″ wide x 22″ long
Italian Polished Calf-Skin Leather
Double Stitched Seams
Brass Top
Detachable Shoulder Strap
100% Cotton/Denim Lining
Inside Zip Pocket
Wide Opening For Easy Packing
Zipper Compartment for Stowing Shoes, etc.
Weight 5 pounds

How many clothes can you pack?

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Looking for the perfect carry-on luggage for a last-minute weekend getaway? Escape in style with the Positano Grande Leather Explorer Bag. You will venture into uncharted territory with this duffel bag that is fit for any adventure. A leather explorer bag for those who move at a clip, this handsome leather explorer allows you to carry a boatload of essentials for your getaway.

It’s made from Italian polished calf-skin leather that is lovingly produced to enhance its characteristics of durability, water resistance and ease of maintenance. This rich leather mellows with age, acquiring the marks, worn-seams and traveled-look that age with the bag, giving it that comfortably worn-in look, as if you’ve owned it forever. Some variations may occur in coloring, as the leather is finished by hand using old-world craft methods.

The Positano Grande Leather Explorer Bag is almost twice the size of the Positano Duffel Bag and is the perfect accoutrement for a weekend escape or a business trip.  It features double-stitched seams, a brass top, a wide opening for easy packing and a zipper compartment for stowing shoes and other necessities. It comes in Vecchio Brown only.